Joan Y. Ervin Elementary School, Lubbock, Texas


Joan Y. Ervin Elementary School, Lubbock, Texas



Lubbock Independent School District



The new Joan Y. Ervin Elementary School campus was designed to consolidate two older school facilities that were outdated and inefficient.  BGR was tasked by Lubbock ISD with two primary objectives for the new facility:  1) to create an “old school” feel in the design, and 2) to bring a residential feel to the building.  The first objective was met by using a brick and stone look exterior.  The second objective was met with the use of residential features, such as pitched roof areas, so that the new 88,000 SF school building would be compatible with the surrounding residential neighborhood.


The interior of the building is “kid friendly” with color way-finding and an elementary color scheme.  Additionally, the design created a special feature display area that highlights the historical and cultural aspects of the neighborhood and the individuals important to the history of the East Lubbock community.  The facility was designed for grades pre-K through 5, and, in addition to core curriculum classrooms, it includes art, science, flex classrooms, a dance studio, music space, and an outdoor performance stage.