Frenship High School Library / Commons / Cafeteria Renovation, Wolfforth, Texas


Frenship High School Library / Commons / Cafeteria Renovation, Wolfforth, Texas



 Frenship Independent School District



As part of a 2014 bond issue passed by the citizens of Wolfforth and Lubbock, Texas, the Frenship ISD administration was able to upgrade existing High School facilities to meet the on-going changes of the educational learning experience by renovating existing spaces.


A top priority was to take the existing cafeteria, library and secondary entry of Frenship High School and make these an all-day use area with high technology and collaborative learning experiences in an informal user-friendly setting.  To accomplish this, the existing secondary entry, which was adjacent to both the existing cafeteria and library, was renovated by removing the common wall to make the area function as a single space.  Incorporation of new furnishings, including high / low seating and “soft” seating, which incorporated technology and device charging stations, makes this an area students are constantly using throughout the day.


The existing library was renovated using complimentary materials consistent with the commons/cafeteria renovation to tie the spaces into “one”.  Windows in the commons wall open into the Media Center, inviting students into the space, where students utilize soft seating, individual and collaborative learning rooms, and a computer lab, all with state-of-the-art technology.  By moving all existing book stacks to the second floor and creating quiet reading stations and individual technology stations, the lower level provides space for the Media Center’s high technology learning / interactive spaces, including a check-out desk that houses storage/charging for laptop/tablet check-out to students.