Academic Beginnings Center, Levelland, Texas


Academic Beginnings Center, Levelland, Texas



Levelland Independent School District



This award-winning project provided a new 57,273 square foot early childhood educational center for the Levelland Independent School District. The facility includes six learning pods, a preschool wing with three learning pods and a kindergarten wing with three learning pods.  Within each learning pod, there are four self-contained learning environments.  Each self-contained learning environment has a carpeted area for general teaching and reading activities, a computer area for technology instruction, a multipurpose area for projects where hard-surface flooring is required, and an individual cubby and a coat hook for each student.  Each wing adjoins a centralized core area consisting of a 1,600 square foot indoor recreation center, media center, technology lab, cafeteria seating, an administration area, outdoor play space, and support areas.  One very important design aspect of this facility is the use of color as a means of wayfinding. Each learning pod was given a specific color to allow students to identify and find their particular learning pod as well as other learning spaces within the facility.


In 2007, the Levelland Academic Beginnings Center was awarded a TASA/TASB “Caudill and Criteria Award” in the categories of Design, Innovation, and Educational appropriateness.